ADEBAG launches the MEDIC@LPS brand by opening an office in Boston

Less than a year ago, ADEBAG assessed its 10 years of existence and announced that it had come of age, just as its 60 or so members had. It congratulated itself for having succeeded in one year in creating a veritable health industry in the Grenoble basin structured around three components: biotech*, medtech** and e-health.* Biotechnologies ** medical technologies

To meet the demands of its members, the association has created a new identity, called MEDIC@LPS and clearly stated its objectives:

  • Enable companies to promote an image of belonging to a “site that is unique through its potential for research and innovation, and through its technological and industrial environment”
  • Build a world-class communication system to enhance the visibility of companies in the Grenoble-Isère health industry

“This name conveys the identity of our sector as well as our geographical origins. It is easier to remember, especially abroad, and can be identified much more quickly. It is also marks a new era for the association, 12 years after it was created,” commented Valérie Ayache, Executive Director of MEDIC@LPS, who has headed the association from its inception.

MEDIC@LPS, promoter of the Grenoble-Isère health industry on the American market

In its new strategy presented in early 2011, ADEBAG stated its determination to reinforce the development of the Grenoble-Isère health industry on the international market. It reached a major milestone in early 2012 when it opened an office in Boston. It is headed by Agnès Aizier, who holds a degree in systems for biomedical technologies from the Phelma engineering school (Grenoble-INP), and joined ADEBAG in 2011. The office, which received the backing of the Rhône-Alpes region, was developed with two pilot companies: EVEON and FLUOPTICS. It has been created to provide long-term support for companies on the North American market in a secure, collaborative and progressive manner. This presence at the heart of the world’s leading biotechnology and biomedical technology hub will provide all ADEBAG entities and members with contacts and relevant advice for developing on the American market. It is a long-term action that will extend to the other companies of the cluster that have already expressed an interest in this type of support or for more specific actions.

Partner of EUROMEDTECH 2012

On May 31 and June 1 this year, Grenoble will host the international conference, EuroMedtech 2012. MEDIC@LPS is quite naturally a major partner of the event and will be promoting it abroad, in particular through its Boston office.

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Currently, the Grenoble Isere health industry represents:

  • EUR 4.1 billion of revenue
  • more than 8500 jobs in the industry
  • nearly 200 state-owned laboratories and major European research institutes.

It is a complete and integrated industry that is positioned on flagship segments: diagnostics, drug delivery, medical imaging, computers and robotics for medicine and surgery, e-health and implantable medical devices and biomaterials, etc.

MEDIC@LPS is a major player of the international economic development of the health industry:

  • By bringing together and representing all players, both public and private
  • By fostering the economic development of companies
  • By working with other existing structures to ensure the promotion and development of the region’s attractiveness
  • By coordinating the community of these ecosystems
  • By assisting new companies of these ecosystems in the various stages of their development.

MEDIC@LPS has four main focuses:

  • Communication: determination to develop a “common label” for a site that is unique through its potential for research and innovation, and through its technological, industrial and clinical environment;
  • International development: provide specific assistance to companies that want to develop and establish operations in international markets;
  • Collaborative projects: promote and support the participation of companies in multi-partner projects, in particular, of European scope;
  • Enhancement of the value of technological platforms: facilitate their use by companies, facilitate the development of companies through links with the platforms.

MEDIC@LPS also provides services and tools to its members:

  • activity and training workshops
  • BioBiz Club, club of industry entrepreneurs
  • access to local, European and international (Canada and the United States) networks for members
  • monitoring of national and European calls for proposals and support in preparing collaborative projects at the national and European level
  • website and e-newsletter


ADEBAG employs five people and had 66 members as of March 30, 2012:

  • 4 universities and research centers: Joseph Fourier University, INPG / SFR (federative research structures) Health and Society UPMF, CEA
  • The Grenoble University Teaching Hospital
  • Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • 1 social protection group: Prémalliance
  • 5 major companies: BD, BioMérieux, Roche Diagnostic, STEricsson, OPEN Group
  • 2 major European research institutes: ESRF and ILL
  • 50 SMEs and new companies
  • 2 local authorities METRO and CG38

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