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BIO-Europe® 2014 Exhibitors

Exhibiting sponsors are marked with *
2bind GmbH Germany
Booth 72
AbbVie* United States
Booth 46
Algiax Pharmaceuticals GmbH Germany
Booth 24
Almirall* Spain
Booth 39
Analytical Services Dr. Ralph Nussbaum Germany
Booth 24
Atlanpole Biotherapies France
Booth 28
Bayer HealthCare* Germany
Booth 36
BIBITEC GmbH Germany
Booth 24
BIO Deutschland Germany
Booth 15
BioM Biotech Cluster Development/Cluster Biotechnology Bavaria* Germany
Booth 72
BIO.NRW* Germany
Booth 24
BioCampus Cologne Germany
Booth 24
BioCentury* United States
Booth 80
Bioceros Netherlands
Booth 18
BIOCOM AG* Germany
Booth 33
BioConnection B.V. Netherlands
Booth 89
Booth 1
BioPark Regensburg GmbH Germany
Booth 72
BioPartner UK United Kingdom
Booth 34
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)* United States
Booth 9
Biotechpharma Lithuania
Booth 19
BioTurku Finland
Booth 64
Booth 38
BioVariance GmbH Germany
Booth 72
Booth 69
BioXcel Corporation United States
Booth 87
Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals GmbH* Germany
Booth 40
Cambridge Major Laboratories Europe The Netherlands
Booth 3
capmatch medical Germany
Booth 72
Booth 14
Catenion Germany
Booth 2
Cerbios-Pharma S.A. Switzerland
Booth 83
CEVEC Germany
Booth 24
City of Mainz Germany
Booth 58
Cluster Biotechnology Bavaria* Germany
Booth 72
Cluster for Individualized ImmuneIntervention Germany
Booth 58
CMC Biologics United States
Booth 63
Cobra Biologics Ltd United Kingdom/Sweden
Booth 53
conoGenetix biosciences GmbH Germany
Booth 72
Coriolis Pharma Research GmbH Germany
Booth 72
Coté Orphan Consulting, LLC USA
Booth 13
Dentons* Germany
Booth 27
Drug Development Cluster Belgium
Booth 3
EBD Group United States
Booth 29
European Commission DG Research & Innovation * Belgium
Booth 47
Eurofins | Cerep-Panlabs France
Booth 100
Innovation Belgium
Booth 84
FGK Clinical Research Germany
Booth 4a
Flanders Investment & Trade Belgium
Booth 69
FlandersBio Belgium
Booth 69
Fraunhofer IME Germany
Booth 51
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies United Kingdom
Booth 7
Gallus BioPharmaceuticals Unitded States
Booth 5
GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals Portugal
Booth 4
Genostar FRANCE
Booth 77
GlobalData Ltd United Kingdom
Booth 67
Grace Europe/United States
Booth 49
Haselmeier GmbH Switzerland
Booth 99
Hessen Biotech* Germany
Booth 58
Hessen Trade and Invest* Germany
Booth 58
Horn Publishing AS* Norway
Booth 93
Italian Trade Promotion Agency* Italy
Booth 26
IMGM Laboratories GmbH Germany
Booth 72
Infraserv Hoechst* Germany
Booth 73
JETRO Japan External Trade Organization* Japan
Booth 56
KBI Biopharma United States
Booth 95
Lead Discovery Center GmbH Germany
Booth 24
Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften - ISAS - e.V. Germany
Booth 24
KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Gerätebau GmbH Germany
Booth 6
Korea Health Industry Development Institute Korea, Republic of
Booth 91, 92
Life Science Nord Germany
Booth 55
LISA* Austria
Booth 74
LISAvienna Life Science Austria Vienna* Austria
Booth 74
Lonza* Switzerland
Booth 21
Mercachem The Netherlands
Booth 3
Merck Millipore Germany
Booth 52
Merck Serono, a division of Merck* Germany
Booth 57
MSD/Merck * United States
Booth 42
Neox Clinical Research Czech Republic
Booth 78
Osborne Clarke Germany
Booth 24
Pharmaceutical Licensing Group United Kingdom
Booth 66
ProBioGen AG Germany
Booth 37
Protagen AG Germany
Booth 24
ProteoNic B.V. The Netherlands
Booth 94
Rentschler Biotechnologie* Germany
Booth 48
ReSyn Biosciences South Africa
Booth 79
Rheinland-Pfalz Germany
Booth 58
Richter-Helm BioTec* Germany
Booth 65
Scottish Development International Scotland
Booth 71
SEPS Pharma Belgium
Booth 3
SFC Co., Ltd. Korea, Republic of
Booth 90
Sinensis Life Sciences Netherlands
Booth 17
State of Illinois* United States
Booth 25
Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox United States
Booth 85
Swiss Biotech Switzerland
Booth 31
Takeda* Japan
Booth 41
UCB Germany
Booth 24
Venture Valuation Switzerland
Booth 12
Vetter Pharma International * Germany
Booth 44
Wacker Biotech GmbH Germany
Booth 32
Booth 69
WIL Research The Netherlands
Booth 3

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