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BIO-Europe® 2014 Exhibitors

Exhibiting sponsors are marked with *
AbbVie* United States
Booth 46
Atlanpole Biotherapies France
Booth 28
Bayer HealthCare* Germany
Booth 36
BIO Deutschland Germany
Booth 15
BioM Biotech Cluster Development/Cluster Biotechnology Bavaria* Germany
Booth 72
BioCentury* United States
BIOCOM AG* Germany
Booth 33
BioConnection B.V. Netherlands
Booth 89
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)* United States
Booth 1
Biotechpharma Lithuania
Booth 19
Booth 69
Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals GmbH* Germany
Booth 40
Cambridge Major Laboratories Europe The Netherlands
Booth 3
Booth 14
Catenion Germany
Booth 2
Cerbios-Pharma S.A. Switzerland
Booth 83
CinnaGen Co. Iran
Booth 35
Cluster Biotechnology Bavaria* Germany
Booth 72
Cluster for Individualized ImmuneIntervention Germany
Booth 58
CMC Biologics United States
Booth 63
Cobra Biologics Ltd United Kingdom/Sweden
Booth 53
Coté Orphan Consulting, LLC USA
Booth 13
Dentons* Germany
Booth 27
Drug Development Cluster Belgium
Booth 3
EBD Group United States
Booth 29
European Commission DG Research & Innovation * Belgium
Booth 47
Innovation Belgium
Booth 84
FGK Clinical Research Germany
Booth 4a
Flanders Investment & Trade Belgium
Booth 69
FlandersBio Belgium
Booth 69
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies United Kingdom
Booth 7
Gallus BioPharmaceuticals Unitded States
Booth 5
GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals Portugal
Booth 4
GlobalData Ltd United Kingdom
Booth 67
Hessen Biotech* Germany
Booth 58
Hessen Trade and Invest* Germany
Booth 58
Horn Publishing AS* Norway
Booth 93
Infraserv Hoechst* Germany
JETRO Japan External Trade Organization* Japan
Booth 56
KBI Biopharma United States
Booth 95
KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Gerätebau GmbH Germany
Booth 6
Life Science Nord Germany
Booth 55
LISA* Austria
Booth 74
LISAvienna Life Science Austria Vienna* Austria
Booth 74
Lonza* Switzerland
Booth 21
Mercachem The Netherlands
Booth 3
Merck Millipore Germany
Booth 52
Merck Serono, a division of Merck* Germany
Booth 57
MSD/Merck * United States
Booth 42
Neox Clinical Research Czech Republic
Booth 78
ProBioGen AG Germany
Booth 37
ProteoNic B.V. The Netherlands
Booth 94
Rentschler Biotechnologie* Germany
Booth 48
Richter-Helm BioTec* Germany
Booth 65
Scottish Development International Scotland
Booth 71
SEPS Pharma Belgium
Booth 3
SFC Co., Ltd. Korea, Republic of
Booth 90
Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox United States
Booth 85
Swiss Biotech Switzerland
Booth 31
Takeda* Japan
Booth 41
Venture Valuation Switzerland
Booth 12
Vetter Pharma International * Germany
Booth 44
Wacker Biotech GmbH Germany
Booth 32
Booth 69
WIL Research The Netherlands
Booth 3

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