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BIO-Europe 2015 BIO EBD Group
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BIO-Europe® Press Releases

News for BIO-Europe® 2016 will be available soon.

November 16, 2015BIO-Europe® 2015 in Munich sets record for attendance and partnering productivity Munich, Germany was the center of dealmaking activity in the life science industry during BIO-Europe® 2015. Held at Munich's International Congress Center from November 2–4, the event broke all previous records for attendance and partnering productivity. The event brought 3,520 executives from 1,886 companies and 55 countries, who engaged in over 19,000 one-to-one meetings t...  more ►

October 26, 2015BIO-Europe® 2015 is a virtual barometer of drug development future marketAn estimated 4,000 licensing opportunities to be on offer at event
BIO-Europe® 2015 international life science partnering conference, held in Munich, Germany, November 2–4, 2015, expects over 3,300 delegates representing investors, biotech innovators and pharmaceutical executives from the global drug development industry. "BIO-Europe is a valuable forum for us to meet a wide range of companies," said Jeremy Springhorn, PhD, Partner, Cor...  more ►

October 1, 2015Top life science industry executives will lead the BIO-Europe® 2015 programTopics address strategy shift in drug development approaches in recent years
The program of the BIO-Europe® 2015 international life science partnering conference, organized by EBD Group and held in Munich, Germany, November 2–4, 2015, is already packed with recognizable names and thought leaders from the global drug development industry. The opening plenary on Monday, November 2, takes a discerning look at the way big pharma companies are reconfig...  more ►

July 29, 2015European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine and ENATRANS European Consortium Launch the 2nd edition of the Nanomedicine Award The European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine (ETPN) and the EU-funded consortium, ENATRANS, have launched the second edition of the Nanomedicine Award to honor the best international nanomedicine innovations for 2015. The goal of the Award is to promote and reward...  more ►

July 7, 2015BIO-Europe® 2015 in Munich to take place November 2–4, 2015
Event expected to bring over 3,300 life science dealmakers to Bavaria
The twenty-first annual BIO-Europe® international life science partnering conference will be held in Munich, Germany, November 2–4, 2015. Organized by EBD Group, the event is co-hosted by BioM Biotech Cluster Development, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, and Cluster Biotechnology Bavaria. Bavaria is an ideal location because it ...  more ►

April 17, 2015Spotlight on Munich Business Facts Munich is home to a broad spectrum of high-capacity industries including life sciences; information and communication technology; automotive; aerospace; financial services; cross-industry technologies; skilled crafts; media/creative industries and corporate services. Munich is a growing city. The City of Munich has 1.46 million inhabitants (2013) and expects to grow to 1.65 ...  more ►

partnering360® Blog

May 19, 2016 How drug development is like your diet If you’re like me, you read the dailies. Companies run the gamut from riding high and plump on investment infusion to rock hard abs times when they’re all muscle and no fat, and, possibly back again. With summer coming, it occurred to me that drug development cycles are very much like dieting,... more ►

May 12, 2016 From Zika virus to fast, high quality clinical trials: Puerto Rico’s Consortium for Clinical Investigation (PRCCI) Situated just 1,200 miles from the mainland US, a hotspot of clinical trial activity is being established on a small island paradise. If you haven’t heard of the Puerto Rico Consortium for Clinical Investigation (PRCCI), you should. What this organization is doing in clinical research trials for... more ►

April 29, 2016 Digital Health: Still a brave new world At this year’s BIO-Europe Spring® panel on “The Convergence of Therapeutics and Digital Health,” two panelists from big pharma joined two from Scandinavian digital health companies, agreeing that while the platform for digital health technologies is strong in Europe, much... more ►

April 19, 2016 The characteristics of a “winning” biotech startup QureTech Bio AB, a startup developing first line drugs to combat antibiotic resistance and infectious diseases, won the Start-up Slam: Sweden biotech competition at BIO-Europe Spring® 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden earlier this month. QureTech Bio AB participated in the pitching competition sponsored by... more ►

April 5, 2016 Images of BIO-Europe Spring® 2016 in Stockholm [See image gallery at www.partnering360.com] more ►

partnering360:Insight Latest headlines from partnering360:Insight

May 18, 2016 Italy’s A. Menarini IFR aims to expand into the US and Japan Giammario Piras, corporate licensing director at A. Menarini IFR, explains why and how Italy's largest drug maker plans to expand into the US and Japanese markets. more ►

May 18, 2016 BeyondSpring Pharmaceuticals outlines Plinabulin plans, wants marketing partner BeyondSpring Pharmaceuticals' chief medical officer Ramon Mohanial outlines plans for advancing the group's immuno-oncology pipeline, with ongoing Phase II and III trials of its most promising assets. more ►

May 17, 2016 Accellta CEO says israeli stem cell specialist seeks global partners Itzchak Angel, CEO of Israeli stem cell specialist Accellta, discusses the group's stem cell culturing process and future expansion plans including a planned USD 15 million capital raising exercise and ongoing search for corporate partners. more ►

May 17, 2016 AngioDesign tailoring next-generation ACE inhibitors Mario Ehlers, Chairman of drug discovery group Angio-Design (UK) explains why the design of specific domain-selective ACE inhibitors is expected to produce next-generation drugs that are safer and more effective—and generate blockbuster returns. more ►

May 17, 2016 4SC AG’s CSO outlines epigenetics strategy 4SC AG Chief Science Officer says the German cancer drug developer is conducting a Phase II trial of lead candidate ACE inhibitor resminostat in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. more ►

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