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Biotech Showcase™ 2015 Press Releases

January 27, 2015Biotech Showcase™ 2015 surpasses all previous investor attendance, partnering numbers The seventh annual Biotech Showcase investor conference wrapped up the week of January 12 in San Francisco with the highest number of delegates in attendance since its founding. More than 2,100 executive-level delegates representing qualified private and public equity investors, industry analysts, bankers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry executives attended from...  more ►

January 2, 2015Biotech Showcase™ 2015 kicks off in one week
Over 2,000 life science executive dealmakers expected to attend
The seventh annual Biotech Showcase investor conference takes place in just over one week on January 12–14, 2015 in San Francisco, CA at Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco - Union Square. Biotech Showcase is an investor conference devoted to providing private and public biotechnology and life sciences companies with an opportunity to present to, and meet with, investors and ph...  more ►

November 18, 2014Seventh Annual Biotech Showcase™ to be held in San Francisco January 12–14, 2015-- Record number of Life Science Investor meetings expected
The seventh annual Biotech Showcase investor conference will be held January 12–14, 2015 in San Francisco, CA at Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco - Union Square. The event brings executive-level delegates representing top public and private investment firms with the goal to meet management teams of biotechnology and life science companies, including therapeutic companies, sp...  more ►

partnering360® Blog

April 14, 2015 High value M&As dominate Q1 2015 Guest post by Raveena Bhambra, Senior Analyst at Current Partnering The key trend of Q1 has to be the large volume of high value M&As that took place. According to Current Agreements almost 130 M&A deals were signed over the three month period between the world’s pharma and biotech... more ►

April 10, 2015 Life science dealmakers will gather in Shanghai, China next week Internationally-focused life science executives and investors will converge upon Shanghai, China next week for ChinaBio® Partnering Forum 2015. The event is China’s premier life science partnering event, and dealmakers attend with the goal of establishing cross-border partnerships to access... more ►

April 2, 2015 Why Japan medtech? Why now? Japan is an extremely hot medtech market; they are the world’s third largest importer of medical devices and are among the world’s top 10 largest medical device exporters, according to a report published in December, 2014. The Japanese have brought their standard of technological... more ►

March 25, 2015 Deal valuations still sizable and growing according to report Guest post by Surani Fernando, Acting Editor at BioPharm Insight BioPharm Insight‘s (BPI) licensing report, compiled by Afsan Khan, analyst at BPI, captures pharma licensing deal values and volumes in 4Q14. The report gives an overview of which indications and geographies generated the most... more ►

March 24, 2015 New frontiers for biotechnology across the Atlantic Guest blog post by Regina Revilla Pedreira, President of ASEBIO In 2012 ASEBIO set out on its adventure in Latin America. A delegation of the Board of Directors of ASEBIO, the Spanish Bioindustry Association, which I have the honor of chairing, traveled from Spain to Colombia in order to explore... more ►

partnering360:Insight Latest headlines from partnering360:Insight

March 11, 2015 Sanofi , Medicen and other Paris Region clusters are leading the collaborative effort to bring ICT for Health innovation to the patient “We are working here in the Paris region to combine all the clusters that are linked to ICT for Health,” said Meunier. In particular, the three different clusters with three different technological areas of expertise involved are Medicen, Cap Digital, a software company, and Systematique Paris region, focused on ICT for Health. more ►

March 11, 2015 Targeting cancer stem cells may be key to a cure Something has been left behind in the billion-dollar "frothy" excitement over immuno-oncology therapies: recurrence of cancer and the inability to treat metastatic cancer. more ►

March 11, 2015 Academics pitch biotechs on early stage collaboration In the middle of a day filled with dealmaking and valuation of biotech assets, participants of BIO-Europe Spring® were treated to a refreshing hour of pure academia, including a half-hour lecture on the history of oncology. more ►

March 10, 2015 Gene therapies moving cautiously from bench to bedside Thanks to a series of successes reported over the past five years against a variety of genetically-triggered conditions, notably against leukemia and severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), gene therapy has emerged from what has been called the "lost decade" and is enjoying a modest renewal of interest. more ►

March 10, 2015 Pharma gets real, in real time with patients "The FDA is a public service. They absolutely want to hear from patients and the public," said Jakob Dupont, Chief Medical Officer, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals. "If you think of the mission of regulators reviewing the packages we submit, they absolutely want to hear from patients, to see if the clinical benefit is there for approval," he told participants at BIO-Europe Spring® during the opening plenary session. more ►

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Biotech Showcase 2015 EBD Group Demy-Colton Image Map