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Biotech Showcase™ 2015 Press Releases

January 27, 2015Biotech Showcase™ 2015 surpasses all previous investor attendance, partnering numbers The seventh annual Biotech Showcase investor conference wrapped up the week of January 12 in San Francisco with the highest number of delegates in attendance since its founding. More than 2,100 executive-level delegates representing qualified private and public equity investors, industry analysts, bankers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry executives attended from...  more ►

January 2, 2015Biotech Showcase™ 2015 kicks off in one week
Over 2,000 life science executive dealmakers expected to attend
The seventh annual Biotech Showcase investor conference takes place in just over one week on January 12–14, 2015 in San Francisco, CA at Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco - Union Square. Biotech Showcase is an investor conference devoted to providing private and public biotechnology and life sciences companies with an opportunity to present to, and meet with, investors and ph...  more ►

November 18, 2014Seventh Annual Biotech Showcase™ to be held in San Francisco January 12–14, 2015-- Record number of Life Science Investor meetings expected
The seventh annual Biotech Showcase investor conference will be held January 12–14, 2015 in San Francisco, CA at Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco - Union Square. The event brings executive-level delegates representing top public and private investment firms with the goal to meet management teams of biotechnology and life science companies, including therapeutic companies, sp...  more ►

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February 26, 2015 BD execs on how to deal with partnership challenges post-deal signing Biocom‘s fifth annual Global Life Science Partnering Conference took place this week at The Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California. The panel kicking off the event was entitled “Five Secrets of Business Development” moderated by Jack Tupman, Former VP, Corporate Business... more ►

February 18, 2015 Differentiation is a key strategy for medtech companies The recent EY Pulse of the Industry Report made the case that the commoditization of many medtech product segments is transforming the medical device sector. The report stated that for medtech developers, “competition is no longer based on historical value drivers—brand, quality and design—but... more ►

February 9, 2015 Access the Gateway to Europe’s Largest Cluster: Medicen Paris Region Guest post by Jean-Roch Meunier, CEO, Medicen Paris Region As we gear up for BIO-Europe Spring® 2015 in Paris in March, Medicen’s activities are in full swing. Our mission is to highlight and reinforce the Paris Region as Europe’s leading center for innovations in medical devices and health... more ►

February 5, 2015 2015 Partnering kicks off in high numbers Guest post by Raveena Bhambra, Senior Analyst at Current Partnering Would you believe that the busy pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry has already signed over 300 partnering deals between them this year?! That’s almost 10 deals a day since the start of the New Year and the pace doesn’t... more ►

January 29, 2015 Online engagement tools put drug developers in touch with patients Getting life saving and innovative drugs to market is a big job. It starts with ground breaking science, built upon decades of discovery and failure, and from the moment of promise involves years, decades even, of negotiations, funding rounds and partnerships. It can be hard to keep the original... more ►

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February 24, 2015 ORYX to expect first clinical data on three novel cancer immunotherapies Six months after introducing itself at BIO-Europe® in Frankfurt, ORYX Translational Medicine arrives at BIO-Europe Spring® in Paris ready to unveil for potential partners the first clinical results from its highly innovative cancer immunotherapy programs. more ►

February 24, 2015 Venture capitalists surfing on a wave of success In the run-up to this year’s BIO Europe Spring® in Paris, the European venture capital community is enjoying an upswing. Trade sales and IPOs fuel the capital market with new money to invest. more ►

February 24, 2015 Servier brings partner-friendly deals to truly innovative projects "The idea is to work together," said Pascal Touchon, VP for Scientific Cooperation and Business Development at Servier. "We are licensing in and licensing out products, but I don't always like these two terms. Our goal is to truly partner, to de-risk and further develop a product that will create value for patients and doctors." more ►

February 17, 2015 Nuance Biotech targets China and South Africa Nuance Biotech, a Shanghai based startup, plans to in-license China rights to development-stage drug candidates—a fairly common model. But Nuance's version of the model has a differentiating twist. As Mark Lotter, the company's Founder and CEO told ChinaBio® Today in an exclusive interview, Nuance expects to develop the drugs in both China and South Africa. more ►

February 16, 2015 Interview: Michael Yu, Innovent Biologics From day one, Innovent has defined its business model to achieve one primary goal: Be the best or leading biopharmaceutical company in China. Michael Yu of Innovent discusses how he is growing Innovent to execute on its ambitious vision. more ►

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Biotech Showcase 2015 EBD Group Demy-Colton Image Map