About EBD Group

EBD Group is the leading partnering firm for the global life science industry. Since its inception in 1993, EBD Group’s mission has been to facilitate the biotech-pharma partnerships that deliver tomorrow’s healthcare treatments to patients worldwide.

Biotech, pharma and medical device companies actively leverage EBD Group’s partnering conferences, technology and services to identify new business opportunities and develop the strategic relationships essential to their future success.

EBD Group produces seven of its own landmark partnering events, and provides partnering services for dozens of other industry events. These conferences all feature partneringONE®, EBD Group’s powerful networking software that takes partnering productivity to a higher level. Executives from across the biotechnology value chain today rely on partneringONE to efficiently identify new opportunities and start the dealmaking process through focused one-to-one meetings. By generating over 44,000 such partnering meetings annually, partneringONE has become an important catalyst for the growth of the bio-economy.

Developed by EBD Group, partnering360® is the open online community of life science dealmakers that enhances partnering experiences throughout the year. Members encompass the breadth of the biotech, medtech and pharma industries, including over 22,000 dealmakers, innovators, investors, academics and service providers.

EBD Group is an Informa company. Informa is the largest publicly-owned organizer of exhibitions, conferences and training in the world.

EBD Group has offices in the USA and Europe.

BIO-Europe 2014
EBD Group events facilitate collaborations on an unprecedented scale, and feature the world's largest stand-alone partnering event, BIO-Europe.

The industry's most advanced and trusted partnering system that generates over 44,000 one-to-one meetings annually.

partnering360® is the largest online network of active dealmakers in the life science industry. Use partnering360 to make any event an even more productive experience and network year round with over 22,000 life science dealmakers. Find out more and join today or log in here ►

Whether producing world-class networking conferences, providing partnering services for industry events, or providing an online platform for year round networking, EBD Group understands that successful partnering is first and foremost a people process. TEAM BIOs