Biotech Startups: How to Succeed in a COVID-19 World

Carlsbad, CA – September , 2020


Biotech Startups: How to Succeed in a COVID-19 World, the new e-book from Xconomy and EBD Group, offers advice to startups from biotech experts, entrepreneurs, and investors on how to navigate the obstacles to success when face-to-face meetings may not be possible.


“Even when companies have amazing science or technology and solid IP, it’s still people that drive the company. Having the wrong person on board might not drive the company at all, or drive it in the wrong direction,” – Dan Fero, Managing Director, OMX Ventures and contributor to Biotech Startups: How to Succeed in a COVID-19 World.


Taking a biotech company from concept, through clinical trials, and ultimately to market requires a perfect storm of good science, a sound investment, the right management, and often a bit of luck, especially during these difficult times. Inside Biotech Startups: How to Succeed in a COVID-19 World you’ll discover insights into how a startup can build a leadership team, network, find and meet partners, and perfect a company pitch while also running a startup virtually.


BioPharm America™ Digital, September 21–24, 2020, is where those who have read the e-book can use the insights they have learned toward growing their businesses by connecting with best-fit partners and networking. Several panels at the digital event are also specifically designed to offer startup entrepreneurs the tools they need to reach their next level of success.


Special Sessions for Startups:

  • Startup Pitch Competition
  • Building your biotech from the ground up
  • The Accelerator Model
  • Pharma Open Innovation
  • VCs and early stage funding


When BioPharm America Digital kicks off next week, it will provide numerous opportunities for those in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to connect with potential partners and investors through one-to-one meetings while gaining expert advice from industry leaders.


This fully digital event features partneringOne, the partnering platform that allows you to identify prospective partners and manage all your meeting requests in one place. With events going digital, partneringONE is more important than ever to help facilitate your networking.


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