EBD Group

Katharina Schropp
Executive VP, Business Development & Key Accounts at EBD Group


Katharina started working at EBD only a few years after the company was founded. Her interest to work abroad for a company that connects continents and people, as well as the desire to do something new after 5 years in recruiting at one of the strategic management consultancies and studying economics in Munich, led her to think of a career change. Her role has changed over the years but her identification and commitment with the company and its products hasn’t, because building relationships just never gets old.

“Connecting people never gets boring, especially when they are working on creating new medicines and treatments that help all of us and are as dedicated to the life science industry. But first and foremost, the people working for EBD have always been special and exceptionally dedicated at the same time. The team has always worked with the musketeer and fun approach and a can-do mentality.”